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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an ongoing commitment that was built by the Bank Ina Perdana to contribute for national development while improving the quality of life of local communities and society as a whole. 
As a form of caring for the environment, Bank Ina Perdana conduct CSR activities that could be useful for local communities by conducting social bhakti at home studying Kampung Apung Kapuk, which is located on Jl Kapuk Raya village Kapuk, North Jakarta, which houses about 170 children in kindergartens and SD in the study. On the occasion held in December 2011, the Bank Ina Perdana represented by Mr. Commissioner. Sugiharto day, Mr. Director. Edy Kuntardjo and Mr. Director. Budiarto Santoso conveying equipment donations that support play and learning activities in the study house. Management and employees of Bank Ina Perdana were present on the occasion was also held suave with the caretaker and child in the Apung village.
Social activities such as this will continue to be the Bank Ina Perdana in the coming years, which is expected to improve better relations and promote the welfare of the surrounding communities and make a positive contribution to society more wide.