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Ina Bank conduct CSR mass circumcision


As one of the Bank continues to interact actively and attention to the surrounding environment, the Bank INA conduct CSR activities in the form of a free mass circumcision conducted on September 29, 2012 in Lumajang. In these activities, at least 150 children circumcised in Islamic Hospital (RSI) Lumajang are also cooperating. 

Edy Kuntardjo, Director of Bank INA said the event is a true social activity that every year is always launched by Bank INA in a number of areas. The activities carried out in Lumajang because according to local needs and gain enthusiasm in which about a hundred participants are scheduled evidently jumped menjadi150 participants, but the implementation is not on the day off from school. 
Since 2009, social activities as a supplier CSR routinely conducted by the Bank Ina in an effort to continue to get closer to the community and commitment  to promote social activities. So that the public increasingly perceived benefits, programs on education and health is also not escaped attention of Bank INA.