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Corporate Social Responsibility PT Bank Ina Perdana Tbk


As a businessperson, Bank Ina Perdana not only conduct business activities that give benefit to customers and shareholders, but Bank Ina Perdana always cares for the community and the surrounding environment. 
This is manifested to the Bank Ina Perdana commitment to continuously carry out corporate social program (Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR). Thus the Bank Ina Perdana will always strive to build and increase the awareness of the community and the surrounding environment. With these activities, the presence of Bank Ina Perdana will be able to provide a value added for the benefit of the stakeholders and society. So,  Bank Ina Perdana would strongly committed to continue and cultivate these CSR activities and contribute as well as the contribution to the welfare of society. 
On December 3, 2014, has held the CSR activities with the theme "Increasing Productivity of Micro Entrepreneur Women Indonesia Through Financing Healthy" located in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, Bank Ina Perdana perform these activities in order to raise awareness to the community micro-businesses that have the potential developed in the field of Agriculture. In these activities, Bank Ina Perdana in cooperation with its partners, namely, PT. Dana Sejahtera Mandiri and BPR Parasahabat Bogor. 
On this occasion, Bank Ina Perdana represented by Edy Kuntardjo as Director has distributed gift packages form pest spraying of agricultural equipment to the End User guidance of these partners will be able to increase their business capacity. Going forward Bank Ina Perdana would activate similar activities.