Bank INA

INA Call 1500738


Tabina Eksekutif 
Saving with Spesial Interest
Savings are intended for executives who want to invest with high interest rates
  • Savings with interest rates close to the interest on deposits, the average balance equal to or above USD 75 million

  • Savings interest rate ranging from balance of USD 500,000, -

  • ATM card facilities are more exclusive

  • Transfer funds via ATM Bersama in real time

  • Ease of payment of monthly bills such as PLN, Telkom, Credit Cards

  • Amenities Auto Debit transactions PLN and Telkom

  • Standing Instruction facility as per your requirements

  • The number of transactions is not limited

  • BANK INA CALL CENTER (021) 348 31 766

  • Sign in guaranteeing the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) in accordance with applicable regulations

Terms and Conditions
  • Executive Tabina applies to individual customers as well as employees of the company

  • Following the general terms and conditions set forth in the account opening form

  • Minimum initial deposit 1,000,000 -

  • The minimum balance Rp 500.000, -

  • Monthly administration fee

  • Closing of accounts incur closing costs and do in the office network on which the account is opened

  • Terms and conditions subject to change at any time with prior notice in the form of rules and procedures determined by the Bank Ina Perdana